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Home Buyers Assessments and Insurance Reports


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Accepted format by all  insurance and mortgage companies. 

   Registered consultant arboricultural association

We provide comprehensive pre-purchase assessments and insurance reports with regards to the potential damage, that can result from inappropriately located trees.



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This service is aimed at identifying the potential risk to properties from trees , and allows an informed decision upon the appropiate level of survey required to statisy the insurance company.

In many cases, this preliminary assessment is adequate in terms of precautionary action as it may identify where trees are inappropriate to the site regardless of the risk of indirect damage (through root action on shrinkable soils), or it may identify factors which require more in depth investigation. This report also includes a brief health and risk assessment to identify potential direct threats of injury or damage from defective trees.


This approach is generally cost effective as it ensures that the purchaser is providing their lender with the correct information, therefore avoiding excessive spending where it is unnecessary. Similarly, a brief assessment can be instrumental in identifying where future risk may be beyond reasonable limits and therefore allowing the purchaser an opportunity to withdraw or negotiate.


Insurance Claims and Tree Valuation 


In insurance claims where trees have become damaged, are in danger, or have been removed without consent, it is essential to determine their value in order to base a claim against. Several methods of tree evaluation are available, the most commonly used are the Helliwell Valuation and CTLA system.

A valuation can provide an objective assessment of fiscal value by adopting recognised valuation methodologies, thus ensuring reasonable replacement costs are met and or providing reasonable compensation in cases of lost visual amenity.

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