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Barnes & Associates Arboricultural and Landscape Consultants Ian & Sue Barnes


Landscape Institute Registered Practice


A comprehensive landscape architecture design and advice service for private and commercial clients by an experienced  landscape architect dealing with landscapes and green infrastructure for over 25 years.                                                                                                                                                


Providing landscape design and technical support solutions for commercial developers, country estates, facility managers  and private garden owners.                                        




Specifications using NBS Landscape software ,bill of quantities, tender documentation and contract management when required.

Our services range from  Landscape Concept Plans,  Softworks plans , Detailed planting plans, SUDS schemes, LVIA (Landscape Visual Impact Assessments).


We often work as advisors  pre-application stage due to our specialist knowledge of trees, soils and landscapes , helping in the masterplanning of  schemes.


We often work as part of a design team along with numerous civil engineers and structural engineers to enable tree canopy cover to be retained on sensitive sites.



Extensive experience in planning applications outline and detailed for landscape conditions and other planning and statutory issues.  

   We are professionaly qualified in horticulture and arboriculture and have various membership  grades shown below 
   Chartered member Landscape Institute
   Chartered Horticulturalist
   Chartered Environmentalist 
   Fellow of Arboricultural  Association





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