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Arboriculture within the RIBA Work plan

Barnes and associates how we fit into the RIBA work plan

Feb 10, 2014


See how Barnes & Associates fit into the RIBA workplan.


Outline Plan of Work - BA 01.pdf



At Barnes & Associates, we are here to help with the seven-stage process that aligns to the current BIM RIBA work stages that align with the Construction Industry Council’s (CIC) proposed work stages. 

The RIBA work stages have been reduced from 11 to 7. Stages A and B have been incorporated into one initial ‘preparation’ stage, and stages F - L have been simplified and renumbered.    


The RIBA outline plan of work helps provide a strategic way of organising the process of managing, and designing, building projects and administering building contracts into a number of key work stages. This fits in well with the guidelines for the management of trees within development sites, where trees are a material consideration to the proposals and input from an Arboriculturist is needed at certain stages. With the introduction of BS5837:2012 Trees in relation to construction - Recommendations, Local Planning Authorities are requiring key pieces of information to be submitted with an application and other information to be provided to fulfil a planning condition. In addition, Local Planning Authorities will require adherence to the information provided and may require supervision of construction work where it has the propensity to harm retained trees.  Using the RIBA Work Plan as its base this information sets out where the Arboriculturist fits within that plan. How they can assist the process and it identifies the key documents that need to be provided to meet these requirements.