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Tree Surveys & Assessments

Picus sonic tomogram in action


Tree Assessments 

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This service provides a range of tree inspections that can be tailored to clients’ particular requirements, covering singular trees through to groups, woodlands and large estates.


We provide individual Tree Reports through to  Tree Risk Assessments using various methods - QTRA & ISA TRAQ methods.


We have extensive training in tree surveying for risk working throughout the UK.


Whether you have one tree or multiple sites with thousands of trees  there will be a suitable survey for you and your budget.


We provide advise and management plans for trees based on health and safety and risk for clients ranging from Schools, Highways Authorities, LPA, Parish Councils, Facility managers, Church, Historic and open Gardens, Housing Assocations and trusts.


Assessment of health or structural integrity of trees can be achieved in various ways, from a visual tree assessment (VTA) that explores the body language of the tree, through to various non-invasive technologies, which can explore internal condition, tree stability and vitality to help inform an assessment of the trees safety.


Early identification of a pest, disease, biotic or abiotic factors can be significant to longer term tree health, and is therefore essential to ensure that trees are as safe as is reasonably practicable.


Tree inspections are generally made from ground level, though climbing inspections are offered where necessary to allow informed remedial management.


We are specialists in the use of picus sonic tomogram and Picus Treetronic tomogram providing internal scans of trees, detailed with the further details section.

We are trained users in the the use of Thermal Imaging for tree surveying.


We provide contract management for clients dealing with application for works through to tendering of works to suitable contractors.


Tree Inspector



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