Ian Barnes  is a Registered Consultant with the Arboricultural Association (RCArborA),

Chartered Horticulturalist (C Hort) , Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv).Fellow of the Arboricultural Association and professional member of the Consulting Arborist Society. 

He has qualifications in Tree Risk Assessments (ISA TRAQ) and a Licensed user of QTRA. He as advanced training in trees and buildings (subsidence).

He provides training on Fakopp Tree Investigation equipment in the UK and provides bespoke courses on level 3 (advanced tree assessments) to other arboricultural surveyors.

Ian is a board member of the Consulting Arborist Society (CAS) and is passionate about helping and mentoring  other Arborist’s to progress their professional career. Ian is also committee member of the Institute of Horticulture (northern branch).

Ian has worked in the Horticultural and Arboricultural Industry since the mid 80’s. Since 1995  Ian has worked as senior partner  then director at Barnes Associates Ltd. Providing  management of trees both within the landscape and on construction sites providing BS5837 reports.

Ian also runs Tree Diagnostics Ltd.


which provides training and sales for specialist equipment, in response to his addiction to better understand and quantify how trees not only stand up, but how they can adapt to defects and how these really affect a trees safety.

Ian is trained in both ‘Sonic’ and ‘Electrical Resistance’ Tomography (Picus and Fakopp)  in addition to ‘Thermal Imaging’ as an aid to detecting defects in trees .


Sue Barnes  CMLI, F.Arbor.A, CEnv, C.Hort, MBALI

Sue is a Chartered Landscape Architect (CMLI),  as well as a Chartered Horticulturalist (C.Hort)and Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv), a registered designer of BALI and Fellow of the Arboricultural Association (F.Arbor.A).

Sue is an experienced horticulturalist, initially trained in amenity horticulture, then arboriculture, worked in a parks department and has worked in commercial hardy nursery stock, along with being a head gardener for a Health Authority . She was a partner in a tree surgery and landscape design and build company for 15 years at its peak having 15 staff. She has been working in horticulture / arboriculture since 1985.

Since 2007 she has worked full time as senior partner then director for Barnes Associates Ltd concentrating on the landscape consultancy elements of the business, although she is still actively involved in arboricultural consultancy, or as she would say ‘arboricultural landscape architect’ works.

In 2016 she became involved with Tree Diagnostics ltd  on an advisory basis.

She is  actively involved in the consulting arborist society, (board member) and committee member of the institute of horticulture (northern branch), Chartered member of the Landscape Institute. and is a affiliated member of RIBA. 

She loves to inspire the next generation into arboriculture, horticulture, and landscape architecture. She supports all to enter the world of ‘green’ careers.

She is married with three children, one is a radiographer (scans people not trees!), and two are  arborists / tree surgeons  you can find them at:-