Landscape design is often an integral part of the development process we are involved from initial outline master planning  through to removal of landscape conditions.

We provide master plans, concept plans and detailed planting plans and schedules through to NBS specifications working closely with architects, quantity surveyors and engineers.

We provide landscape management plans working closely with ecologists creating sustainable habitats, accessible landscapes and special use requirements.

We provide advise on green infrastructure (GI) and habitat corridors providing specialist advise on tree planting especially for difficult urban sites.

We work for Housing Developers, Commercial Schemes, Highways, Developers, Parish and County Councils and Education.

We  have years of experience in design and build, enabling practical cost-effective designs to be designed and implemented.


LVIA (Landscape Visual Impact Assessments)

LVIA is a process of evaluating the effect of a development proposal upon the landscape, often used for projects within more sensitive landscape areas. They are often used to support a planning application. Our LVIA work is informed by the latest guidance from the Landscape Institute and GLVIA3, they should be proportional to the scale and nature of the development it is a tool used to identify and assess the significance of the effects of change, in both the landscape as an environmental resource but also on people ‘receptor’ views.


We provide landscape management plans for site managers to improve and manage sites. We assess landscape history, current site analysis and prepare management schedules and plans to inform of future care for the landscape. Often working with ecologists to achieve management biodiversity goals.

Landscape Management plans can often be requested as part of the planning process.

Landscape management schedule


We provide design packages to any budget and style. We can provide garden consultancy  and provide garden management and maintenance plans for your garden with plans and schedules .

As part of our garden design service we provide concept plans which are then worked up into detailed planting plans and construction plans, we can oversee the work, and tender out the works or you can self-build your dream garden.  

We can provide a tendering service to ensure your garden is built to specification and on budget.

With a wide range of experience in garden design and build projects we can problem solve awkward sites and provide beautiful gardens for you to enjoy whatever your style.




The protection, restoration and enhancement of existing Green Infrastructure enables the benefits of these assets to be realised and linked.

Green Infrastructure requires design and management and should respect and enhance the character and distinctiveness of an area.

We are experienced in connecting habitats , designing features from roof gardens, green walls to swales to provide high quality green spaces and environmental  features which are vital for sustainability of urban and rural areas. Working along side ecologists and engineers to provide a wealth of Ecosystems Services.